Tri Flora Honey
(Natural & Medicinal Honey)

The 3 Season Honey from 3 Flowers

Why 3 flowers?

They contain different properties and distinctive flavors.
Longan flower fights free radicals.
Lychee flower nourishes inner organs.
Bitter Bush flower has various medicinal properties.

Sweet B only chooses the prime time for collecting, the long awaited 3 seasons let the diligent bees accumulate the precious sweetness of each season from 3 flower species. They produce splendored honey of outstanding taste and health benefits. Its quality is of a high competitive standing. The great taste honey lovers cannot ignore.

How honey is made

Worker bees gather the nectar from flowers, then store and transfer it to the hive. Through chemical process, the moisture content becomes more concentrated; the nectar turns into honey. Each nectar consists of different nutritional value. Their pollen components are distinctive which makes honey noticeably different in color, flavor, and fragrance.

Bitter Bush honey

Bitter Bush has medicinal properties. Even the flower alone can be used to cure sore throat. Which allows Bitter Bush honey to contain herbal effect. It has been used in cosmetic industry for several years.

Longan honey

Longan honey has exceptionally sweet aroma and mellow taste, brown in color, no crystallization, and effectively fights free radical.

Lychee honey

Lychee flower conceives sweet and a bit sour honey, and is gold in color. It’s less sweet than Longan flower honey, and natural sediment can also occur.

"Tri Flora Honeybrings you high quality 3 flower honey of 3 seasons into one. Combination of the greatest emerges new nutritious formula. Unique in taste and flavor,the meticulous collection honey lover wouldn’t dare to miss.