Nutrii Honey Zider

Extra Gentle Cider for Effective Digestion and Cleanse

What is cider and why is it recommended?

Cider is a produce of marinated fruit (both pulp and liquid) or fermented fruit with yeast in oak barrel. Yeast changes sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol. The fermentation will form Acetic acid in the next stage.
Upon hearing cider, people would normally think of apple cider. In fact, other fruits can be made into cider as well. For example, pineapple, strawberry, pear, corn, etc.
Westerners especially Americans and Canadians prevalently drink cider. It helps promote digestive system, excretion, cleanse intestines, and fight free radicals.

Health Benefits of Nutrii Honey Zider

Thais have acknowledged cider for years, but its strong sour taste and fragrance are unfamiliar to them. Some gave it a try and found it unsuited to their palate. Therefore, Nutri Honey Zider proposes a new option from pure honey with only 2% acidity. It’s mild, and doesn’t harm the stomach. Sweet and sour, easy to drink even without adding water or honey unlike other ciders. Nutri Honey Zider is the first and only after meal cider.
The enzyme and cider acid of 6-month-fermentation honey promote digestive system, help cleansing from inner of the body of food we consume each day.

How is Nutrii Honey Zider made?

Nutrii Honey Zider is fermented 6 months in white oak barrel with young organic olive leaves. Selected special species of bacterium result in pure enzyme and acidity. A balanced fragrance and taste between olive leaves and honey’s sweetness.

Promotes Digestive system

Drinking Nutrii Honey Zider once a day after the main meal or the last meal of the day will gently but effectively help digesting. Suitable to drink after a binge on meat, bakery, fried food, and high-fat food. Best to pregnant women with flatulence or other related digestive problems.